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Cheap web hosting company

At the very foundation of any online business is the reliability of their web hosting service. These days, for any company with an online presence, the website is the company’s most prominent advertising medium; the front door for the largest part of their customer base. The website of any company selling goods nowadays is the main draw magnet to the billions of potential customers who Google for a new refrigerator or for their local dog food store.


Needless to say, a slow or, heaven forbid ‘down’ server can bring a company’s to-date online success to a devastating, grinding halt. ‘This site cannot be accessed’ can mean huge losses in sales, not to mention how it reflects on the company. Take for instance a small Canadian company that, as the owner recently wrote in the Teneric Business Forum, lost tens of thousands of dollars when the server of his webhost went down for four days leaving him with nothing to do but declarefor bankruptcy.


The truth is many a company and individual site owner have fallen victim to less than reputable webhosts who suddenly pack up their gear and disappear along with the site’s data. Imagine yourself spending months or even years creating a website, adding on features as your business grows, redesigning this and that, your site finally evolving into the masterpiece website that you’d hoped for - all to just vanish along with the site back-ups that were on the same fly-by-night server. Yes, it happens. Be your site e-commerce, blog, forum or for data storage, the need for a dependable web host is the same. So choose your web host wisely.


For any prospective web site owner, what varies is the kind of hosting plan you need. This depends on what features are required to successfully run the site. Are 2 email addresses enough? Do you need 100? Should you go for the plan with more disc space? Are there security issues that need to be considered? Is a dedicated server needed? On top of that there are thousands and thousands of web hosts around now and thousands more tomorrow, each having multitudes of hosting plans. How do you find or decide on the right one? Where do you even start?


Well, one of the best resources available to you online today for finding the right web host and hosting plan is Webhost Directory Review’s very own Search Wizard. This click-click utility lets you search thousands of webhosts and their hosting plans at once by entering the specifics of what you are looking for in a hosting service, like how much bandwidth you need, what kind of disk space you expect your site to use and how

much you’d like to spend on web hosting each month or year. You can even select from hundreds of technical plan features from scripts to multimedia requirements to search by. The wizard instantly matches your requirements with the right hosting plan.



This great utility saves you days of pondering over webhost after webhost, reading and comparing their history and each plan’s features list, looking for the webhost and plan that suits your purpose. Click-click and you’ve found a suitable web host.


The other most valuable resource available to you on Webhost Directory Reviews are the customer reviews. Written by those who have been where you are now, those who have done the research and already have their site nicely hosted online, the reviews give you the inside story about each webhost’s customer service and technical support – whether or not the webhost delivers what it promises. The reviews are the place to find unbiased recommendations as well as where to learn about which webhosts may be better avoided. Visit also the Webhost Directory Review’s Forum to find answers to any questions you might have and to share your own knowledge on related issues.


We also recommend reading our informative articles on all webhosting and online business matters. You may also sign up for one or all of the newsletters which bring useful hints and tips to your inbox once a month. Our site also has a live feed to the latest news on the webhosting.


Our goal at Webhost Directory Reviews is to take all of the guesswork out of choosing a web host and your hosting plan. Webhost Directory Reviews loads you up with the right information for you to get your site online. Please let us know if we’ve been of service or if there is anything further we can do. We’re here to help.


Webhost Directory Reviews - Affordable Domain & Web Hosting Service Provider – Offers Dedicated Ecommerce, PHP, ASP, Windows & Linux Hosting

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