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What is Domain Web Hosting?

To launch a website in the internet you should have a unique name not in use by any websites known as domain. It should be registered through a registered user permitted to launch website. This is essential to get authorization for using the website that you are launching in the internet. So finding out a domain name that is not in use and registering the same in the internet to get authorization for using it is an important part of launching a website in the internet.

In the beginning there was only one company, known as Network Solutions to register the domain names of different websites. With the increased use of internet the numbers of companies who are authorized to register domain names also have increased considerably. Now we have a large number of companies who have authorization to register domain names of different websites in the internet. But still the Net work Solutions remains the keeper of the database of various domain names and the other companies in the field of domain registration are known as “resellers” of domain names.

Due to the absence of any uniform criterion for fixing the charges for the domain name registration, the fees for registering the domain name vary from company to company. While some charge only $5 or less for domain name registration some others charge $35 or more for the same service. So the expenses for domain name registration are totally dependent on the company with which you entrust the responsibility of the domain name registration.

The companies that provide web hosting service in the internet charge different fees for their service from their customers. Some of them are even providing free services with a condition to permit them to post their advertisements free of cost in the websites registering through them. Some times they will ask the customer to use their main domain name as a part of the domain name allotted to the customer.

Though not always, free and cheaper website providers may not be able to provide a satisfactory service to the customer. You will have to face a lot of restrictions prescribed by the companies registering your domain name free of cost or for a meager amount. So it is always better to go for the service of an established company authorized to register domain names to ensure better performance of your website. The cheaper ones need not be always the best at least when domain name registration is concerned.

Several types of web hosting systems such as free web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting and virtual private server are now available in the internet for a customer to choose from. A person who is interested in launching a website and to register his domain name in the internet can go for any of these options according to his convenience.

The domain name that one chooses for his website has an important role to play in attracting more visitors to his website. One should be careful to make it attractive by providing a direct hint to the topic that the website is dealing with.

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