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Choosing a Webhost - Find the Webhost Right for You

A good webhost can have enormous impact on the success of your website therefore it is important that you carefully consider your options before choosing the company that will host your site. You will have two basic options when it comes to web hosting for your Internet site. You can go with a free webhost or you can choose to pay for your web hosting.


The Free Webhost

Though it may not be such a bad idea to go with a free webhost for a small, personal Internet site, free webhosts are not much good for any type of serious website. The free sites offer few webhost features, and most often you will end up with some type of advertisement on your site, whether the advertisement is at the top, or bottom of your page, or as an annoying popup. This gives your site an extremely unprofessional image and may harm your all-important rankings with the search engines.


The Paid Webhost

When you go to find a webhost, it may be in your best interest to consider one of the many paid webhosts. Often these companies offer many more webhost features than what you will find with the free web hosting companies.

With a paid webhost you can usually expect to receive:


  • A package with premier webhost features
  • Superior technical support
  • A reliable and fast connection to the Internet
  • No popup, or banner advertisement on your site
  • More disk storage space, and bandwidth 

Once you compare webhosts, you will quickly see how it is to your advantage to go with a paid webhost, but how do you decide which webhost to go with?

When you are ready to find a webhost, you can compare webhosts by searching through Web Hosting Review sites. You can often find all the information you need on one site, which makes it easier to compare web-hosting companies. When you compare webhosts, some important things to look for include,


  • How much disk space, and bandwidth you will get for your monthly hosting fee.
  • How much extra you will be charged if your site exceeds the allotted bandwidth for the month,
  • What technical support is offered by the webhost, incase you should face problems with your web hosting service.
  • Does the host offer SSL/Secure Server - this is especially important if you want secure ordering on your site.
  • You will also want a webhost that offers POP3 mail, which will allow you to connect to their server to download your email. You may also want a webhost that features an email redirection service.
  • FTP accounts are also very important. FTP will allow you to upload files to your site without having to rely on uploading strictly through the webhost’s site.  

The webhost features that you will need for your site will greatly depend on what type of site you have. Some Internet sites may need a multitude of features, while some only need a few. With a site that offers Web Hosting Reviews, you can quickly compare the webhost features offered by each company. Carefully review each company’s policies, and features, before deciding which webhost is best for you.

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