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Search Engine Optimization Increase Your Site Ranking

Getting your site up and running is only a small part of getting a successful website off the ground. You will also need to attract traffic to your site. Beginning with submitting your site to search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, the most frequent way in which people find websites is through the search engines, therefore it is essential that your site use good SEO Marketing techniques to help boost your site ranking with the search engines. Search engine optimization can help drive traffic to your website, and boost your Google ranking. As a large percentage of all Internet traffic comes from Google, this is very important.


When your website is created using search engine optimization techniques, you are providing a way to help the search engines find your website, and the keywords used will help to ensure that when your website is found by those searching the Internet, it has a higher page ranking.


To employ quality SEO marketing techniques, you must first understand how search engines work. There are basically two types of search engines used on the Internet today, and they include the crawler based search engines, as well as the directory type search engine. The crawlers, or spider type search engines, such as Google, have the ability to create their web listings automatically. The crawler search engines constantly spider the web, indexing new web pages, and updating changed websites. For this reason, anytime you change your website, it can also change your site ranking.


With a crawler type search engine, the important elements to consider is to configure the webpage header and meta-tags as well as what is in the body of the page. The title, subheadings, and the first paragraph are paramount when it comes to utilizing keywords. In addition, the right amount of keyword density is also very important.


When the spider visits your site, it will crawl the entire site and index the content it finds. For this reason the keywords you choose should be those that are frequently used during Internet searches. When someone searches on a crawler based search engine, it will return search results that most closely match the words, or phrases that were searched. If you have good keyword density for the most frequently searched words, you will have a better Google ranking, but beware, overusing keywords can also get you a bad listing as search engines may consider this a spam.


Directory search engines work differently. This type of search engine obtains listing through sites that have been submitted; added by a real person. These are commonly referred to as human powered directories.


With a human powered directory, you must submit a description of the site as the directory search engine finds sites based on these descriptions. Search engine optimization will have no influence on your site ranking here, but a site with good content could get a higher listing with a directory.


Your best option for getting a good ranking with both the directory search engines, and the crawler search engines, is to employ the most recent SEO marketing techniques, along with providing great content on your site. 

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